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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Luscious merino as promised

As I promised last night when I was too exhausted to type anymore, here is some pics of my new merino yarns. I've got a 3ply worsted/aran weight and single ply laceweight from Uruguay. The yarns are even softer than my Merino cobweb lace and sock yarn, which is saying something.

They're both fab to knit with and produce nice and even stitches with good definition. And the worsted is fantastic for felting and look out later this summer (what summer???) for some new felted bag patterns.

I re-started my Mystery Stole 3 in the new singly ply lace and I'm finding it much easier than the cobweb lace, especially making corrections. This yarn is just a little bit thicker and being single ply you don't have to wrory about the yarn splitting which quite often happens with 2ply lace yarns.

Here is my progress last night, after Clue 1 (100rows). I've only got about 5 rows left on clue 2 now so will try to get another progress photo tomorrow. The shawl is not pinned out or anything which shows how good this yarn is even when it's unblocked.

And here are some of my lace yarns, some are on ETsy already and some will be listed tonight (if I have time) or tomorrow. And more to come later in the week.

And here are some of the worsted yarns which are already all on Etsy.

And here are some pics I played around with in the garden yesterday to try to get a good photo of my yarns to use for banners, logos etc.


Tama said...

The sight of all your lovely yarns make me feel weak.! I loooovvvveeee what I got for the surprise yarn!!! If you need more summer--come visit me! It has been in the upper 90's to 100's for a month and nothing but sunshine on the horizon. My yarn and fiber dries faster outside than it does in the dryer. LOL!!

Linda said...

Anni, your yarns are so lovely. The MS3 is gorgeous in that colour too.

belaybunny said...

I love your ms3 so far. And your yarns are gorgeous, I too love the stuff from uruguay. I must resist, sadly at the moment, but I'm saving up!!

Annette said...

The merino worsted in Lollipop arrived this morning, thank you! It really is lovely; so soft and squishy and such lovely colours! I think I'm going to try a Candle Flame Scarf in it, what do you think?

Piglottie said...

Anni even more beautiful yarns! I love the last picture :) And your Mystery Stole is so elegant.

psalm127 said...

The yarn is beautiful. I leave the page up so when we come in to the office we are looking at the beautiful yarn. My DD1 is awed by it. I would love to purchase the pattern you are working on now the mystery shawl 3.Let us know when and if we can. I am heading now to purchase some more yarn from your site. It is all very lovely.

Anonymous said...

Thank you eveyrone and Tama, I'd love to pop over to Colorad ofor a bit of hot summer weather. I remember what itwas like when I was there. Hot and dry. Lovely.