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Friday, May 11, 2007

Socks and more socks

I get the feeling I'm drowning in socks at the moment. I never thought I'd wear woolly socks in the summer but it's so cold here today I've got woolly socks on my feet and so has Em (who is home sick - although exactly how sick she is I'm not sure).

My new version of the fair isle sock is complete and here is a comparison between version 1 and 2. I much prefer version 2.

I'm thinking of doing the 2nd one with the colours the other way around as that way 50 gr of each colour will be just about enough for most people. If I do both the same way I'll need 60 gr of the purple which means breaking into a 2nd ball for nothing.

Today I cast on for 'Rainforest' in the Yarn Yard May club yarn. Pics tomorrow hopefully. I've nearly finished the cuff already and as i'm not doing anythingtonight I may finish it today. I'm working on a slightly smaller size as the original was large.

Talking about Yarn Yard. Natalie is having a yarn party tonight at 6pm when she puts her new merino sock yarn up for sale. I can't wait to see it but I'm hoping it'll all be sold before I log on as I'm on a major stahsalong. In fact, I'm destashing and selling a lot of stash on Crafty Yarns right now. If there is any left later I'll list some on here too.
And to go with the cold weather down here it's raining and has been for days now. I'm fed up with it and want the lovely weather we had last week. Much nicer.
And I leave you with a pic of my new socks. Name not yet decided, although I'm almost certain.


Charles said...

where sis you find the pattern from? I like this this socks os bad!!!

Anyway..Visit my Knitting blog too!!!



Piglottie said...

Such stunning socks Anni, they truly are gorgeous and I love the colours you've used.

Anonymous said...

Charles, the pattern is my own design.

WildPurl said...

These faairisle socks are just fabulous, what a lovely design. And the colours are so pretty too. I am so going to try them. I can't wait for winter so I can have a pair peeking out of my boots ;-)
I also really like the rainforest ones, I'm sorry Knitty didn't take them but I know you will get a design into Knitty one day, you are so talented and the ideas just seem to overflow from you.

Anonymous said...

thank you everyone. I'm working on sock 2 now and then I'll finalise the pattern.

Tama said...

I love the new foot design! So when will the pattern be ready for purchase? I am already looking for the yarn to make them.

Anonymous said...

I've just got half a foot left to go on the 2nd socks and then a few alterations to make to the actual pattern then it'll be up on the site. Hopefully by the end of the weekend. I got distracted by some STR yarn this week and started a new sock isntead of finihsing 'Kaleidoscope'.