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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spoilt for choice

Okay don't faint:

No, don't worry I've not gone mad. This is not all new stash. I cleared out some skeins from my wip basket in the lounge today to take them upstairs for storage as my wip basket is already overflowing with wips and there' s no room for spare skeins.

But look at all that gorgoeus yarn. Ithought it'd look great as a table decoration but I doubt Mr YA will agree. I tried leaving a stack of yarn 'cakes' on the bookshelf once as I thought they looked lovely and it didn't go down too well.

So now I've got these two legs there instead. I wonder how long it'll be before I'm asked to remove them. My excuse is that htey're there becaue they're two of the pairs I'm working on a tthe moment. And I needed to get some photos of them taken.

Noticed I said 'two of the pairs'. I've got 4 single socks right now needing companions. The Kaleidoscope companion is half way though the heel flap. And I've started the Rainforest companion but still need to do a companion for my May Day sock and Speedway socks.

And I've got to fish out my Mum's shawl soon and finish the border. This is the one I gave up on before Easter when I failed to finish it for my Mum's holiday. Well, she's coming over at the end of next week so it'd be nice to get it done before she comes. I'm thinkig I'm going to frog the border (I got half way then realised I didn't have enough yarn to finish) then reknit it from another skein of almost identical yarn.
And I've finally got Socks That Rock. I've been wanting to try this yarn for ages and here are two beautiful skeins of their light weight sock yarn. It's gorgeous . Ilove the colours. Want to cast on straigh away but will be good and finish the two sock currently otn.
And look what else the girls at 'Blue Moon' sent me. You'd think they knew me already.


Mia said...

I like that it was a pile of STR that you took out of the basket. And the ladies at Blue Moon know their customers really well.

Katt94 said...

I love the sticker. When I ordered some patterns from them, I got one which said "Don't come knockin' if your socks ain't rockin'"!

Oh, and the yarn is gorgeous too. :)

Ramboline said...

Åh jeg er grønn av misunnelse! SÅ mye flott garn, skulle ønske mitt lager inneholdt slikt garn.

Skal dere feire 17. mai i morgen eller gjør dere ikke det? Her er bunadene tatt frem og skjortene strøket.

Hege said...

Look at all that gorgeous yarn. It looks good enough to eat! Love your color choices.

Hurra for 17. mai! :)

Tama said...

That is some delicious looking yarn! If you can't think of anything to do with it I would be glad to help.

It would be fun to celebrate Norway's independence. I will have to mark it on my calendar for next year and do something special to commemorate it. I know!! I'll design some special socks for it. What do you think?

By the way, thanks for adding my blog to your links!!!!