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Monday, April 09, 2007

Yarn Addict's Sockamania KAL

Fancy joining me for a new sock knitalong? Then e-mail me on Check out the Sockamania Blog for more.

This is the idea of this club - I will send out an exclusive Anni Design/Yarn Addict sock pattern each month (sign up by the 10th May to receive the first month's pattern). Yes we start in May by the way. There may be bonus patterns on some months but the bonus patterns may not be exclusive to Sockamania (ie they may be offered for sale on my website). The Sockamania patterns will be exclusive to the kal and will only be available to current members. You cannot get previous months' patterns. But 6 months after the pattern was offered as a KAL pattern I reserve the right to release the pattern for sale on my website.There will be a different theme each month covering topics like lace, cables, fair isle etc. You can use any yarn you like although I will make a recommendation to go with the pattern (all yarn recommendations will be available to order from online stores).

There will be a prize draw each month for any socks finished by the last day of the month - you have to post a pic to qualify for the prize draw. The prize will be at least enough yarn for a pair of socks but there may be extras thrown in. I'll provide the prizes, but as this is a free club/kal if you would like to contribute a yarn or related prize please e-mail me.I'll do some tutorials to go along with the patterns too, so if you're inexperienced please join and I'll help you all I can.

This is a fantastic way of trying out patterns you may otherwise not have tried and learn new techniques. I'll try to include new techqniques for heels, toes and sock construction from time to time.

This kal will run for an indefinite time period but you can ask to be removed from the kal at any point. Also if you don't take part (ie post a pic of that months sock) for 3 consequtive months your membership will be cancelled. The reason for this is that I'm limiting the membership to 25 people to start with and don't want inactive members filling up those spaces. There may be more spaces offered as the months go by.

If you've been working on the socks but don't have time to finish them you'll still be an active member but will only qualify for the prize draw if you complete the socks in the designated month.

Any questions or to join, please e-mail me on


Artis-Anne said...

Great idea Anni and I was SO tempted to request to join but I have so many things I want/need to finish knitting etc Will there be an opportunity in the future to join ?
Also, will it be possible for those of us who don't join watch how folks get on with their socks? I realize the patterns are solely for their use , its just interesting to watch as I have found out when I did the 'Sock Madness' competition

PS: Many thanks for your comments on my blog; I still need to perfect my dyeing but I did enjoy doing the stripes

Anonymous said...

You can join in future months if you want to. I only set a limit to start with to keep it manageable while I learn how to do bulk e-mailing. LOL. And you can read the blog and comment just like any other blgo. Would be great if you can join us later when you've got more time.