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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Knitting in the Big Top

I've finally gotten around to getting the photo of me knitting in the Big Top at Spring Harvest off the camera. I look dreadful. And that's our friend, Dan, in the background. Not sure if he knew he'd be online but that's what you get for clowning around. My friend, Clare, took this pic and Simon took another pic of me knitting but it looks awful. I'm doing something really weird with my eyes.

I didn't knit a lot in the Big Top as the seating was awful but I did knit on the last couple of days for the main celebrations. We had some friends around this evening who we went to Spring Harvest with and John said that of the 7 years they've been to Spring Harvest this is the first time he's ever seen anyone knit in the Big Top.

We're planning to go again next year but have to go to Skegness as the Minehead Spring Harvest doens't fit in with our school holidays. It's a bit annoying to have to drive to the other end of the country but at least Simon will be happy as he was born in Lincolnshire and we can visit his aunt at the same time.

Had our first BBQ of the summer today. Invited some friends around and had a lovely time. Kept the food very simple, sausages, burgers and bought salads etc. Icecream and melon for dessert. It was gorgeous and it really felt like summer is just around the corner.

Sockamania is going brilliantly. I decided on 25 members to start with. No reason there can't be more really but I just wanted a manageable number for the first month while I work out how to do bulk e-mailing for the pattern. I never dreamt I'd get anywhere near 25 anyway but there are now 19 signed up. If you want to join pop along to the blog to sign up.


Linda said...

Anni, great photo - and it's so nice to finally put a face to the name :0)

gilraen said...

You look lovely, and very relaxed and content. :)

Artis-Anne said...

What a great photo Anni and you look so lovely & happy :)and the look on your friends face looks as though he has never seen anyone knitting before 'Tip Top Knitting '
So glad your Sockamania Blog is going good and I will follow it with interst & will join if I may when I have done some of the backlog of knitting I need to do

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely photo Anni. Congratulations on the Sockamania Blog, I do feel I'm missing out at times because I don't do socks yet, however I love to see everyone elses and yours are always quite special. I shall follow the blog with interest.