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Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm back

Hi, we're back from our 6 days at Spring Harvest. We had a fantastic time. For those not in the know, Spring Harvest is a Christian holiday/conference that lasts for 6 days and there are 5 hours of kids/teen clubs a day, bible teachings, seminars, worship, celebration and more going on every day. We stayed at Butlins in Minehead and got to use all the Butlins facilities too. The girls loved the swimming pool and fun fair.

We hardly saw Ness while we were there. We went with several other families from our church and there were 4 girls in total aged between 12 (Ness) and 14 and they all hung out all the time and went to their clubs, swimming and late night concerts together. It just felt so safe there we were happy for Ness to havea lot mor efreedom than she has at home. The girls both loved it. We got so much from it too.

The worship and celebrations services were fantastic. The music was just so wonderful and being in the Big Top with around 4000 people (not sure if this is true, but I was told it seated 4000) singing and praising the Lord was just amazing. And yes Ido have a pic of me knitting int he Big Top. Just got to try to find my camera first.

We had some amazing speakers including Steve Chalke (who led the daily bible study), Mike Pilavachi (from Soul Survivor - not sure if I spelled his surname correctly), Lyndon Browning (?), Ian Coffey, and Nimms O? (can't remember his surname either but he was just fantastic). Not sure if I got all or any of the names right but all the speakers were amazing. It was our first time at Spring Harvest but it won't be the last. We may have to go to Skegness next year though as the Minehead one have dates whihc don't fit into the traditional Easter holidays, they're suited to the new 6 week term holidays and Cornwall haven't changed yet so it'll be a long drive to Skeggie next year. Simon doens't mind as he was born near there.

We went with a group of 7 families which was fantastic. We did some things together and a lot of things apart and it was great to know so many people there and spend time with people we don't normally see much.

Got home last night and I've been exhausted all day. Spring Harvest is a lot of hard work and I didn't do half the stuff on offer. I watched the Bible Study on the TV in the chalet, went to the late morning teaching session and evening celebrations and one afternoon seminar and a couple of late evening things, one was a comedy show with Joe Fisher and the other one a concert with an American singer Sarah Kelly who has the most amazing voice and her songs were just truly wonderful.

On the knitting front Ididn't get as much knitting done as I'd planned, managed to just finish one sock and start a 2nd. Spent a lot of time working on a sock for a submission but hte yarn and the pattern don't work at all so had to restart it when we got home yesterday with a different yarn. Just got half the foot left to do. Have't got quite the look I'd hoped for. It's already been accepted fora mag so just hope the editor is happy with the new version.

This evenign I decided I'd had enough of socks and picked up my Posh Cashmere shawl whihc I'd hoped to finish before Spring Harvest but I'm not even half way yet (although I'm almost there). Got to get more focused about my knitting. Got to finish the submission socks and the other pair I'm working on. Then I've got at least 2 cashmere 4ply shawls that need finishing (my own designs) and my VTL shawl (yes the dreaded Victoria shawl, still not decided what to do about hte border but it doesn't need to be finished until end of May now.

In too much pain and too tired to write anything more now. Although I've got lots more to tell. Will be back tomorrow (maybe).

See ya.


gilraen said...

Welcome back, it sounds like you had a lovely time. :)

Artis-Anne said...

Welcome home :)
It sounds like you had a fantastic but hectic time away. Do hope you can chill out now for the weekend and that the sun is shining on you as it is here today for us.

Piglottie said...

Glad that you had a good time Anni, and I hope your pain eases soon - take care.

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Sure sounds like you had an awesome time. Must have been wonderful to worship Jesus with that many people!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

He is risen!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone and yes, Shelley, it was fantastic to worship with so many people. We're planning to go again next year but due to the holiday dates we have to go to another site next year.

WEather has been brilliant since we came back and I'm feeling relaxed again.