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Saturday, March 10, 2007

More yarn candy

Just have to let you all have a look at this:

It's all from Posh Yarn but some of it is bought 2nd hand from a forum/blog friend. We've got (from left to right) cashmere (I think) cobweb lace, 5 skeins of purple 4ply cashmere, 1 skein of silk/cashmere lace, 3 skeins of blue cashmere lace and dotted on the top, 1 ball of Lucia cash/merino sock yarn. Isn't it all gorgoeus? My favourite is the purple cashmere. It's Sophia 4ply and the colour is just so rich and beautiful. It's my favourite yarn/colour ever I think. I want to start knitting with it right away but got to finish some rather urgent projects first.

One of these urgent projects is a pair of fair isle socks which are being kept top secert for now and I've nearly finished turning the heel. I was hoping I might get it finished tonight but a whole foot may be too much. Knitting them to fit me and I'm a size 8 uk (that's huge).

Have wound up my Lornas Laces Georgetown for another pair of socks. Flicked through my 'Ripples' stitch book last night and swatched a couple of stitch patterns last night and there is one I want to try to do. But I want to finish my fair isle ones first.

Have had a quite day at home today. Not got too much knitting done though. The day has gone far too quickly. I'm very sore in the shoulder area, ina lot of pain and have severe headache. Simon in bed poorly. House is a complete tip. I have been trying to get it all sorted out but getting nowhere fast really. Have got a few jobs off my back though, like finishing off Vanessa's ballet costumes for her exams next week and sewing ribbons on her ballet shoes which took me ages as I couldn't find any sharp needles and then her teacher told her I'd put them in the wrong place (never done it before). Also sewn on some Brownie and Guide badges. The brownie ones have been lying around for months. Hate sewing but got my teenie-weenie sewing machine out today and it wasn't quite so bad. Wanted to do some ironing today but that's not happened yet.

Quck tea tonight I think. May just pop a couple of pizzas in the oven. Then a quite evenign with sock knitting and an early night. If I'm in this much pain in the morning I won't be able to sit through church. And I want to go tomorrow.


Yarnsnob said...

Hi Anni, glad to see someone is reading my blog As for the tool I'm using for fair isle knitting this is it:
Let me know if you are unable to find one, I could probably help you out. By the way, how much is Lorna's Laces sock yarn over there? I'm trying to get an idea of how expensive things are in the UK, my aunt and I are planning a trip for the beginning of October. Oh, and I know the owner of Lorna's Laces and my knitting guild is going to a mill end sale in April, hehehehe.

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

I do hope your shoulder and headache are better soon! I love that purple yarn as well! Can't wait to see what it all becomes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Shelley. Not much better today I'm afraid. Had a sleepless night. Off for a walk on the beach now. Gorgeous weather here today.

Yarn Snob, thanks for getting back to me on the fair isle tool have left a comment on your blog re LL. But Shepherds sock is £6.50 in the UK. I got mine from the US though.