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Friday, March 09, 2007

Cross Country

No, I'm not doing a cross country. Emily is. There is a big cross country race every year in a nearby village and Emily took part last year for the first time. It's 2.5miles and quite hilly/muddy. Em ran it quite well las year (she was only year 3/nearly 8 yrs old) and she enjoyed it but when she'd finished she was quite miserable as it was wet and cold. She was covered in mud having run through a swamp. But assoon as she was cleaned up and warm again she started talking abut doing it again next year.

Well, next year is here and the race is this afternoon. Emily is very excited. Weather is much better today so I'm hopingit won't be as muddy as last year. actually sunny now so watching shouldn';t be so bad either. Emily's primary school was trying to get all the juniors to take part but as it is a tough race a lot of parents rebelled and refused. It'll be interesting to see how many teachers and teachign assistant take part from their school as I think if they expect all kids to go all the teaching staff should go too.

I'm taking my camera today and hope to get some nice pics. Vanessa did it as well last year but she's at secondary school now so can't take part.

Didn't sleep well last night. Went to bed and switched lights off by 10.30pm. Got up again an hour later as I was in too much pain to get to sleep. Didn't gt back to bed until 2am. And got up at 6am. Dropped Em off at school for breakfast club and took Simon to work as I needed the car today for the cross country race. Then came home and went to sleep for nearly two hours so feel much better now.

I did somehting useful last night though. I brought the laptop down stairs and did some pattern typing. Got two patterns almost completed to do the test knitting. And got some more charts done. Problem now is that our printer is playing up so when I tried to print the patterns the black lines in the chart won't print out as our black cartridge doesn't seem to work (it's full). So got to work out how to fix that now. Calling Cartridge World to see if they can help me as I got them refilled there. Quiet pleased with my productivity last night. I didn't want to knit sa Iwas in too much pain. And sitting in a comfortable chair with the laptop on my lap didn't aggrevatge my neck at all so think that's how I'll deal with pattern typing from now on. Won't do it in the middle of the night though. Just wish we had wireless so that I could surf the net from the comfy chair too. Although if I did I wouldn't get any knitting done.

Off to cast on another sock to take with me to the cross country. I'm sure there will besome hanging around.

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