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Monday, March 12, 2007

Got new legs

Yes, that's correct. I've got new legs. They're slim with tiny feet and made of plastic. Arrived from Bangkok this morning. An Ebay bargain. It was cheap but they are a bit plasticy but okay for what I want to use them for. Only problems is they really are tiny compared to my huge feet. I wanted the legs to use for modelling my sock designs but most of my own designs are designed to fit my huge feet and on these petite ones they're too big. Took lots of photos today of my latest design and had to pin it to improve the look. Very pleased with the result htough.

Here are the legs, but the socks are top secret for the time being.

Have had a bit of asock frenzy going on this weekend. I knitted a fair isle pair which I can't remember exactly which day I started but probably Thurs/Fri and finished them Saturday eve. Then woke up at 4am on Sunday and started another new design. I'm knitting them in Lornas Laces Shepherd sock which I've only done one pair in before (my first pair back in September) and had forgotten how gorgeous this yarn is to knit with. The pattern I've chosen is knitting up superquick or maybe it's my needles that have gained an engine. I finished the first sock this morning. The fact that I was up at 4am again helped as I gained a couple of hours extra knitting time. Started 2nd sock this morning but making slow progress so far. Only half way down the cuff. Want to finish the cuff and start hte heel flap tonight. then get them finished tomorrow.

I did spend a while earlier typing up patterns and charts though and taking and editing photos.

As soon as this latest pair is finished I've got to get started on my Mum's shawl. Need to get it done in 2 weeks max if there's any chance of it getting to Norway before my Mum goes on holiday. I'm not sure I can make it but I want to try to get it done.

Emily has requested new socks too. She wore her cable pair to the cross country race on Friday and it was soaked in mud so I just pulled everythig off her and bundled it into a plastic bag and straight into washing machine when we got home. Trainers went in too. When wash was finished the soles of the socks were shredded. Not sure what happened but I wonder if it got caught on the velcro on the trainers.

No yarn candy today. But I'll try to dig out some for later in the week.


Sussex Yorkie said...

I think you need sleep! Looking forward to the new designs.

Midnight Purls said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the new design! It was your Falling in Love socks that made me fall in love with knitting socks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Midnight Purls, I'm so pleased to hear that. Thank you.

I think you're right Sussex Yorkie. I need some sleep.