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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Norway Day 3 - Christmas Eve

We've just finished our Christmas celebrations. We celebrate on Christmas Eve in Norway. We kicked off with a church service at 4pm. Mr YA, my grandfather and I were the only ones that went this year. Then about an hour after we got home we had our Christmas meal which was lovely Roast Reindeer with all the trimmings, followed by my mum's Caramel Pudding. Gorgeous. We then opened the presents. The girls had their stockings first thing this mornign but there were lots of presents f0r everyone under the tree. My grandparents loved their socks. I didn't manage to get ones done for my parents in the end. My mum knitted us all some Norwegian gloves in a traditional pattern. I won't be able to post a pic until I get home.

After the presents we relaxed for a while and then it was more food - coffee and cakes this time. My mum's homemade choc cake and pepper kaker (similar to gingerbread men except they were al lheart shaped and not homemade).

Now we're trying to get the girls to bed as they're extremely tired. They have to share a room when we're in Norway and they're not used to it and talk for hours after going to bed. Last night they didn't get tosleep until nearly midnight. They've looked dreadful all day. So I'm hoping they'll get to sleep allright tonight. Not gotten off to a good start though. Em crying after being told off for hitting Ness with a belt and then they were both given a good telling off by me about not going to sleep. So now Mr YA is trying to calm them down with a story. Just hope they'll go to sleep tonight.

Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas day tomorrow.


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