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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Norway Day 2 - Got here eventually

What an awful trip we had here. English readers will now about all the problems at some UK airports this las tweek. WEll we flew from Stansted to Oslo on Wednesday evening and before we left Cornwall at 10am they said on the news that Stansted was unaffected. When we drove up to London we hit the severe fog at Swindon. We listened to the news several times and all the problems seemed centered around Heathrow.

Alarmbells started ringing when we arrived at Stansted. The queues were awful although we did manage to get inside the terminal building (unlike Heathrow where people were held in tents). When we checked in I asked if the plane was on time. By this time the plane would have been due to leave Oslo if the return flight was going to be on time. I was told there were no problems as far as they were aware. We kept hearing announcements about other flights cancelled and people being asked to return to checkin to collect their luggage.

Then once we were through security my Dad rang me from Norway. Our flight info screen still said the flight would leave on time but according to the airline's website (which my Dad was keeping an eye on) it hadn't been allowed to leave Norway yet due to lack of available landing slots at Stansted. So I had my Dad telling me the plane was still stuck in Norway and the info screen telling us to 'go to gate' so we did just in case they had set up an alternative plane.

At the gate there was chaos as passengers for several flights were waiting at each gate. Announcmeents were made about late flights and cancelled flights continously. Our info still said the plane was on time and at 8pm when it was due to take off from Stansted we were told that it would be departing late. At this time I was told by my Dad that it had just left Oslo and the flight time is normally about 2 hours.

Before 11pm we were finally allowed to board and were all ready for take offwhen we were told that we had to wait for 30 mins for our take off slot. An hour later we finally left at midnite. Due to the hour timedifference as well we landed in Norway at 3am and got to my parents house at 4.30am. Exhausting. That was yesterday morning. Slept half the day and then went out for family meal in the evening.

The family meal with my parents, sister and her boyfriend and son and my grandparents was lovely. The girls enjoyed seeing their great grandparents and cousin again.

Today it's Lille Julaften which translated to English means 'Little Chrismas Eve'. The girls have just finished decorating the tree. My mum has been in the kitchen all day preparing food. We had Risensgryns grot ( a Norwegian rice porridge) for lunch. It was gorgeous. And I've been knitting flat out. Have finished the 2nd of my grandfathers socks and wanted to finish two more pairs but it s not going to get done by tomorrow. I've nearly finished one out of the two pairs though which I'll finish tonight.

We will be celebrating Christmas tomorrow, Christmas Eve, as thats the tradition in Norway.

BTW, there is no snow. I was hopign for a white Christmas but does't look like there will be one this year.

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