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Monday, November 13, 2006

Toe up sock with proper gusset

I quite like doing toe up socks as it minimises waste yarn. With my Lana Grossa sock I wanted to use up as much of hte yarn as possible but find it difficult to estimte how much I need for the foot. So I decided to knit them toe up. Ive done toe up before but only with short row heels which aren't great for my feet as my instep is quite deep. I saw that the 'Baudelaire' socks (from Knitty) were done toe up with a gusset so I used this as a model for my socks. And the result is great. I've got a lovely toe upsock with a proper gusset and the fit is so much better. And it's fairly easy and straightforward to do. Just got to finish the cuff now andthen the dreaded 2ndsock.

1 comment:

Jane said...

Anni, that is a great sock! I like toe up too. You're so right, you can always see how much yarn you have left before you run out on the cuff.