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Monday, November 13, 2006

Dyeing to show you

Ness and I were busy on Friday afternoon getting our hands dirty. Well, Ness did anyway, her hands ended up bright pink. Mine weren't too bad. Last night and this morning I've been busy reskeining the yarn. Makes it look so much better and as the original skeins were a tad tangled, reskeining them have made them nice and neat.

Here are the fruits of our labours.

Here they are all together. I've done one hot pink/orange and one red but I must have gotten muddled up with the two s they're a bit similar when Iuploaded the photos on to laptop and only done one of them. But the pic below shows all the five skeins we did. The violet one and gree and purple ones in the middle were actually done in 200gr skeins (which is not easy to get even) but only 100gr skeins are photographed. I've got one more 200 gr skein to rewind. It's pink and blue and I'm not sure yet if I like it. Think I will leave the resekining till another day, asI'e got not knitting done this morning, been busy reskeining. Having said that I would have got some knitting or other jobs done if I hadn't gone to sleep for 2 hours earlier. But I was so tired having only had 5.5 hours of sleep last night.

Anyway I'm very pleased with our dyeing attempts. I was thinking of selling some of this as I've got so much sock yarn. You may ask 'why bother dyeing if you're going to sell it?' I take the point but I justlove playing around with the colours. It's fun dyeing your own yarn. And I love these colours so I may not be able to part with it. The violet (200gr) I'm using for a wrap anyway. Just love that colour. ness mixed it up for me.


dianemulholland said...

I love the blue one. What's the yardage and weight? I may be interested if you decide to part with them :-)

Anonymous said...

It's 100 gr opal and the yardage (or rather meterage) is approximately 425m. Not decided whether or not to sell them. May jsut have to keep them all for myself. LOL. Want to knit lots of socks for Christmas presents but will let you know if I decide to elt them go.

Hawkesley said...

Lovely colours :-)