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Thursday, November 16, 2006

So frustrating

Logged on to check my e-mails, catch up on forums etc and can't log in to hotmail. I've been trying for over 15 mins now. Saying the server is busy. Its so annoying. I'm sure there is nothing exciting in there but I'd still ike to have a look. So htought I may as well update my blog instead.

Finished the black scarf on the wips list today. Or rather finished the actual scarf in the pic yesterday and then immediately cast on for a shorter one. My neighbour ordered two, one long and one short. The short one has a hole in it to loop the end of the scarf through. I knitted lots of these sorts of scarves last winter and got pretty bored. I' m going to sound like a snob now but I'm not tht keen on eyelash or any other novelty yarn anymore. I prefer more luxurious yarns - cashmere, silk........ you get my drift. Still you've got to give people what they want.

Now I can concentrate on my Cozy which is growing. Much longer than the pic now. And my silk scarf. Doing prettty well with that too.

I've not touched socks for a few days and need to finish hte girls' second socks and the first of my LG pair. Got some other sock ideas in my head I want to have a play with. Also got some gorgeous pink Touch boucle which is just such a gorgeous colour. Not sure what to knit with it yet but want to do a shawl i think. Got some Touch lace weight yarn too in beautiful colours so have got to start some thing with that too. And Christmas is getting ever closer and I've got .... 10 pairs of socks and some scarves I'dlike to knit. Andalthough I'm a fast knitter, I don't think I'm that fast. Also got two ideas for felted bags which I want to get done soon. Would like to use them both for magazine submissions. I'm aiming high. I've already submitted one idea to an online mag but not saying which one until I hear back and there are several proper mags I'd like to submit a pattern to. If I'm brave enough.

Off to try hotmail again. Will be back with pics later.


dianemulholland said...

I graduated fairly quickly from eyelash yarn too. I don't think it's snobbery, just shows you have taste! You just need to train your friends to prefer silk :-D

Anonymous said...

Think you may be right Diane, my friends do need better taste. Just hope they don't read this. LOL. I'm doing a scarf in silk and just started one today in cashmere lace yarn so I'm getting my quality fix. The cashemre is gorgeous to knitwith.