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Friday, November 17, 2006

2.30 am

Think title says it all really. It's 2.30 ish am so what am I doing on the pc at this hour?! Well, it's simple really. I was so tired yesterday I collapsed into bed at 8pm and was asleep at 8.30pm. Of course I woke up about midnight with a crackign headache and really bad neck pain. Managed to doze off again but 1 am I gave up and got up to get some painkillers. Did some knitting downstairs. Ended up here because my hotmail wasn't working yesterday and I wanted to check my e-mails and hten of course Iend up on forums and blog.

Really should get off to bed. But I want to rave about my Cozy progress. I've done 46 in now and have only 20in to go. Yeah!!!! I've not got too muchto go on my silk scarf either. And the black eyelash scarf is finished. Infact I've finished two - one short and one long- bot hfor my neighbour. Want to cast on a shawl in the lovely pink Touch Boucle and a scarf in the lovely blue boucle. They look much better in real life than in the pic. Got to try and finish the 2 socks I have on the needles to morrow though and then make a start on Em's second sock. Off to bed now to try to get some sleep. Oh and did I mention I've got tooth ache as well. It's eased a bit now. Strange thing it's my crown that's hurting and I'm sure they've taken the nerve out there so not sure why it's hurting. Got to decided whether or not to go to the dentish tomorrow or wait a week for my regular check up. Was hurting quite a lot when Iwoke up at midnight. Decidions, decisions........

Nite all!

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