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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Back on socks

I'm back on sock knitting again. Not done too much sock knitting for the last couple of weeks but I'm back with a vengenance. After finishing the first one of my Lana Grossa toe up rib socks recently, I cast on for the 2nd one this morning (about 5am). I cast on for Emily's 2nd cable sock last night (the blue one). I don't like knitting these socks. The cables are quite intricate and just a lot of hassle and it aggrevates my neck more than other socks. So I've decided to do one pattern repeat (which is 16 rows) every morning and evening. that way I will get through it eventually without having to feel quitly when Idon't knit on it.

I had some other sock ideas whizzing around in my head this morning. So when I got back from the school round I got some of my own hand dyed yarn out and started playing. My original ideadidn't work so I started another one instead. I'm thinking of doing these socks for my grandmother but not sure if the colour is a bit too much for her. Having said that she doesn't go out that muchanyway and they're a cheerful colour to wear at home. May knit them until I get to the end of the foot and then leave them until I decide to do them for me or her. As my feet are much bigger. I'm thinking she may like a lace pair instead andI quite like these socks.

I've got another skein of this colour. It's 100gr of hand dyed Opal and I assume the yardage is the same as all other 100gr skeins of Opal. I'm happy to sell it for £10 including postage. Please e-mail me if you're interested. Payment will be through Paypal. My e-mail is yarnaddictAThotmailDOTcom. First to e-mail gets it. I won't be back on until tomorrow afternoon now so please be patient.

But I must be getting on with some Christmas knititng. I've got lots to do knittingwise before Christmas and the time is runningaway.

Got some gorgeous silk yarn in Mulberry from Posh Yarns which I want to make a scarf out of for me. But will have to wait until I've done some more current wips.


blog-blethers said...

Just love Emily's socks ... is that one of your own patterns?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Angie, yes it's my own pattern. Wanted to go cable crazy and think I managed it. LOL.