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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blocking experience

I've finished my first new Cable sock this morning. I intended to make it a medium size foot but for some reason (and don't ask me why or how) I got my mesaurements muddled up when I worked out where to stop for the toe and I'veended up with a size 8/9 foot. I wanted about a size 5/6. The larger foot is perfect for me but the rest of the sock doesn't fit my wide feet and chunky calves. Although I love the sock and would love to keep it for myself, I'll now have to find a recipient with slim calves and long, narrow feet. LOL. I could have frogged it but didn't want to.

Here it is unblocked. very strange looking thing it is too.

And here it is on the blocker. I've carried on the cable pattern down the heelflap which I#ve neverdone before but I really like it.

And here is the Silk Scarf with Bella (I think) silk yarn from Posh Yarns I've been working on for a while now. It was meant to be a quick project but has taken longer than expected. The pattern is just two rows repeated which I think is why it took so long as it was a bit boring. Finallyfinished it last night and here is aglimpse of it blocking. It's for my mum's birthday, which is on SAturday. She is on holiday in the far east at the moment so I'll be posting it to NOrway so that she gets it when she comes back. And I don't think this post will spoil her surprise as I doubt she's looking on the internet while shes away. Although my dad may do.

Started another silk scarf with silk boucle yarn from Posh. It's a lovely berry colour but I've got pink hands and needles now. It's great to knit with htough. The pictureisn't too great but the lace pattern I'm using is 'Crest of the Wave'. I'm hoping it 'll look okay when blocked. This scarf is for me as i'ven ot done a scarf for myself yet this year.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

beautiful scarf such a great colour and I love your sock:)
amber in scotland

Anonymous said...

Thank you Amber.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I hope my mum likes it. Hoping to get a proper pic taken of hte finished, blocked scarf tomorrow before posting it. I meant to do it this weekend but been too busy.

belaybunny said...

I love your socks and the scarf. I recently bought some sock blockers after seeing before and after photos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'll take a pic tomorrow of the finished blocked socks (off the blockers). It's amazing what difference it makes. Not blocked socks before but definitely worth it especially if htey're a present.