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Monday, November 20, 2006


..... a finished sock wip. My daughter, Ness' socks are finally finished. The first one was done in a flash but the 2nd one has taken me ages, mainly because I lost interest and put it aside (or rather left it in the middle of the coffee table). It's been sitting there staring at me together with my Lana Grossa toe up sock for weeks now. So today I decided to get them both done. Only had a few rows of Lana Grossa to do. But had only got to the heal of the cable sock. Short row heel was quick and then I motored on. It's only a size 3/4 so didn't take me too long. Ness loves it. Not sure if I'm going to type the pattern up yet or not and add it to my pattern collection.

I've now started the 2nd sock for Em. Her's is the blue cable sock under my sock wips in the side bar and I've done about 4 rows now. Her socks are very cabled and a bit of a pain to knit. But she loves them. Was going to be for me as Icast on 60 st (which is what I normally do for my socks) but think the cables must pull them in a lot as they wouldn't fit me at all. Fits Em who is 8.5 years old perfectly. Aiming to get them done by the end of the week.

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