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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Domestic chaos....... the only way to describe the state of my home at the moment. Got up at 6.20 today and still this is the state of my house as I write:

  • Several shopping bags with drinks, bread and some other stuff (non-perishable) to go in the freezer and overflow cupboard in garage - not bad I hear you say but it was delivered yesterday lunchtime. Excuse: didn't want to carry lots yesterday pm after my lovely, relaxing massage in the morning as it would only bring on the pain again and I was enjoying a few hours of almost pain free existence.
  • Breakfast dishes have only just been tidyed/washed up.
  • My teeth have not been cleaned, not has my hair been brushed or any make up applied.
  • Washing has been on the line for 3 days now. It's gone from wet to dry and back to wet again a few times but hoping it'll be dry by this afternoon. It's only dark stuff, jeans etc so not too worried about it getting rained on.
  • Two baskets full of clean clothes dumped on the bed to MAKE me fold them and put it away - been sitting around for DAYS now (can't remember how many). I figure if I leave it in the basket for long enough someone else might do it - no, the laundry fairy doesn't exist.
  • Pile of ironing done by my cleaner yesterday to be put away. Not bad - normally it can take up to 5 days to tidy ironing away.
  • Ironing basket still full - 6 days til cleaner comes again, but DD1 is keen to earn extra pocket money but has friend coming after school today - wonder if friend wants to earn some extra pocket money.
  • The spare room and kids' rooms are in a mess. We are having two African children staying in a week so spare room will need to be 'mucked out' by then. Keep threatening DD2 to put all her stuff in a bin liner if she doesn't tidy up. As I've been threatening to do this all summer I don't think she believes me anymore .... so imagine her shock if I actually did it.(Nasty, mean mother that I am).
  • Avon order not submitted - was due 2 days ago.
  • A long list of other things to be done.
  • And most importantly - a HUGE and evergrowing list of WIPS, ideas to be turned into patterns and yarn to be dyed.

So you ask, what am I doing on here? Well I came on to do my Avon order and have logged in to Avon website and checked it's not too late to submit order and even opened up an order form. So better be off and get it done now then.......... Before coming back and updating you on all my WIPS and then it'll be time for lunch a bit of post lunch knitting. Got to walk the dog at some point, girls home from school about 3.30ish..............................................................................


Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad to hear it anni, I was thinking of naming you superannie,I'm a bit sad to hear that the laundry fairy does'nt exist though, I was hoping for a visit one day. What sort of massage did you have, aromatherapy, Indian head or just massage? either way, I hope you get some relief from that dreadful pain.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paula. No the laundry fairy doesn't exist sadly. I keep hoping she may appear one day. Started catching up a bit now. I had a hot stone massage which is incedibly relaxing. My therapist has also trained in advanced sports massage so really taylors the treatment to whatever I need which usually means working a lot on my shoulders and neck. She is brilliant. As for Super Annie, sadly I've never been anything close to a 'super woman'. Don't know how some women do it. I've got friends who work, have perfect houses and perfect children. Here everything is chaos. The only organised thing is my knitting. LOL.