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Saturday, September 16, 2006


I've well and truly got bitten by the sock bug now and here are a my current wips and planned socks:

Decided to have a go at designing my own lace socks. This is the lace design I settled on and this is prototype no 1. It's a bit big even for my huge feet so I'm now working on a slightly smaller version. Which I'm struggling with a bit and have decided to abandon the lace pattern on top of the foot so the lace will now finish at the ankle. Nearly finished prototype no 2 now. Getting a bit bored with this sock now.

Also started 'Snowflake' socks a few days ago. Think it;s from Magknits or Knitty but can't remember. Done a few more rows now.

Been working on 'Waving not Drowning socks for a few days now. Did 1.5 sock but then mislaid my pattern and started other projects and havne't gotten back to it yet. Only foot left to finish though.

Also got this fab sock yarn to knit socks with plus I've hand dyed some Opal today.

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