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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Workshop Focus - Continental Knitting at Truro Wool, Cornwall

I'm looking forward to autumn workshop season kicking off! I've got lots of workshops this autumn and you can see most of them here (I've still got a couple to add). I'm starting in September with a Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl workshop at Truro Wool in Truro, Cornwall.

I'm so excited about teaching at Truro Wool again. This is a little gem of a yarn shop in the centre of Truro. 

In this workshop you will learn how to knit continental style holding the yarn in your left hand. There are two main ways of purling continental style - Norwegian purl and continental purl. I teach Norwegian purl which means you will learn to purl with the yarn at the back.

As the yarn stays in the same place for both knit and purl stitches, it makes combines knit/purl stitch patterns like rib and moss stitch much quicker.

Why would you want to learn continental knitting? Most knitters want to learn how to knit like his because it's considered a quicker way to knit for most knitters. Yes it does take practice to get faster and some knitter find it easier than others but I'll give you advice on practice and speeding up in the class.

Learning how to knit holing the yarn in your left hand is great if you are keen on fair isle/stranded colour knitting as you can knit with one colour in each hand. If you're interested in fair isle knitting, I'm teaching a Fair Isle Knitting  and Steeking workshop at Truro Wool on 29 October 2017.

Many knitter like knowing more than one way to knit so they can alternate and avoid repetitive strain injuries.

If you take this class, you'll get my Online Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl course free after the workshop. This means you can go online and watch videos when you need a refresher.

I'm teaching Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl at Truro Wool in Truro, Cornwall on Sunday 17 September. Contact Truro Wool for more details and to book.

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