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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fell down the sewing hole!

 I've had my borrowed sewing machine sitting on my dining room table for over a week now. It's got to go back early next week so I was keen to do some more sewing before I have to give it back.

I kept looking at my small fabric stash. That top fabric was calling to me. 
 I decided i wanted to make the bucket bag on the cover of The Bag Making Bible. It's a reversible bag with no inside pockets. I like pockets, lots of pockets so I decided to add some. The book has chapters on how to add various pockets so I decided to make a zipped pocket and a couple of patch pockets. 
Yesterday I got a lot of pattern writing done in the morning and as a reward I decided to do some sewing in the afternoon. I'd woken up very, very early yesterday and cut out all the pattern pieces before breakfast. This bag has interfacing and fleece. The first piece of iron on interfacing I managed to iron it on to my tea towel. The only thing I'm not happy with is the edging and handles. I wanted to use the purple webbing all the way around and thought I had 2 meters of it but apparently I only had 1. I'd already cut out the pieces for the front and sewed on on by the time I realised I didn't have enough. I decided to use some pale blue webbing as a temporary measure. It's not sewn on very well and I'm planning to change it as soon as I can get some more purple webbing. But I wanted to use the bag for our trip to London this weekend and I know I won't be able to get the webbing before then.
 I'm very pleased with the zip pocket. I'd like to have made it slightly larger. It did take me two attempts to get it right as I was struggling to understand the instructions. I also put a magnet snap instead of a button and button loop. I had the magnet snap in my button stash from when I used to knit felted bags.
 The two patch pockets ae good enough to put stuff in but don't look good. The bag is big enough for all my essentials: purse, sun glasses, pain killers, head phones, my Sexy Knitter Tool Tin, lip balm, small make up bag, tissues and ofcourse my project bag (which isn't in the photo but does fit in). the bag is very, very light, even after I've filled it up with all my junk. Perfect for our London trip this weekend1
I'm not sure how hard-wearing this bag will be and it's not water proof. So it's probably a light use summer bag. Let's hope it'll be dry this weekend in London.

I did some spinning this weekend too. I'm still working on my camel/silk. I love the singles but I'm not loving spinning it. Too slippery. I've decided to spin the first half of singles. Then take a break and spin another project before I go back and do the second lot of singles. I've got something else in mind I want to spin.
 I've not re-instated my daily spinning hour yet but I want to do it next week.

I have finished the skein of Sweet Georgia BFL/Silk too. I love this yarn. It's fairly even and very fine. I've not measured WPI yet and I don't have any plans to knit with it yet but it was fun to spin. It's my first fractal spun yarn and I'll definitely try this technique again soon. Next up will be a graduated yarn.

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