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Wednesday, September 07, 2011


My stunning 'Tulips' Shawlette has just been published by The Knitter. Issue 36 is in the shops now. The name for this shawlette didn't dawn on me until it was hanging fully blocked on my dress form. I then realised that the stitch pattern I chose for the centre back section looked just like tulips.
I must admit I was mesmerised by this shawlette when it was hanging on my dress form. I kept looking at it from across the room. The beauty of it, the drape, the AMAZING colour. I couldn't take my eyes of it. I can't wait till the sample comes back from the magazine and I can wear it. It'll make a perfect scarf for this winter.

Artisan Yarns provided the gorgeous Teifi Silk Sock which is the same blend merino/silk blend as my Supreme Sock. I love the high silk content of this yarn which gives the shawlette amazing drape and shine. The merino adds some bounce to the shawlette. I loved the 'Rosy Posy' colourway. It's a blend of reds, fuschias and a tiny bit of orange. The different colours are very subtly blended into this yarn.

The centre panel consists of lace tulips and is flanked by lace panels of flower buds either side.

The construction of this shawlette is a cross between a half hexagon and triangular shawlette. It is worked from the top down and the shaping starts off like a half hexagon shawlette creating three triangles across the width of the shawlette. The increases for the centre section then stops but the increases for the side sections continue as a standard top down triangle. This creates a wonderful shape which sits very nice across the shoulders.

The shaping for this shawlette is the same as for my 'Frosty Diamonds Shawlette' from The Easy Lace Collection. The schematic below is for The Frosty Diamonds but apart from the measurements the other elements of the schematics (ie the cast on, cast off and shaping lines) are the same:
I'm creating a series of tutorials for my website and the first one on Top Down Triangular Shawls  up now.
ETA: I've just added the tutorial for Top Down Half Hexagon Shawls and Modified Half Hexagon/Triangular Shawls .


Kardemumma said...

Lovely. Both of them.

Ann said...

Gorgeous shawl & thanks for sharing the technique.

Sea said...

This one caught my eye as soon as I got my copy of The Knitter. The sides are very similar to a triangular shawl I have made in the past. I get my copy on subscription and went out and bought yarn for the cap sleeved hoodie featured. Have lots of other yarn, but just wanted to start straight away.