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Monday, November 29, 2010


It's cold and I've got a terrible cold and sore throat. I can barely talk and I'm teaching a workshop tomorrow at Spin A Yarn and one on Friday at The Cornwall Yarn Shop. Not a good week to loose my voice.

We had a lovely walk yesterday around Sibleyback Lake on Bodmin Moor, about 10 mins drive away. This is why we live in Cornwall! the white stuff is frost, not snow. I'll let the photos do the talking:

 And the choice is 'through the woods' or...'through the woods', unless you fancy a swim!
And here's the woods, sorry for the blurry pic:
Some cows:
And some sheep:

Look at how still the water is:
This is the handspun merino/bamboo hat I knitted Emily 2 years ago from my handspun. My most successful handspun project and my most successful hat too.

 I'm not very good at hats. Emily bought her wintercoat after I knitted the hat and it matched perfectly. she know needs a new winter coat and i hope we can find one that matches again.

Knitting this weekend has been mainly secret stuff and involves a lot of lace and beads.

Have a good week x


Pixie said...

Beautiful photos.. and I love Emilys hat, love using handspun for knits.. good luck finding a new winter coat to match..

Hope you feel better soon and have good workshops x

Ann said...

That's a lovely walk & hope you are feeling better.