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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Bead Stash

Yes, i've got a bead stash. Don't you? I love adding beads to my lace and yesterday I searched through my studio to get all my beads together. I had to choose several colours for a new design. I must admit I didn't quite realise how many beads I had.

I've got these cute tubes of beads from my favorite bead supplier, The Bead Room in Totnes.

It's a fabolous shop with a huge selection.

I cast on for my next secret project. I'm a little late getting started with this one so I need to get on with it and got quite a bit done tonight while watching 'Strictly Come Dancing' (I hope Anne Widdecombe goes out by the way, it's not funny anymore!)

You won't see this again until sometime next year when it appears in a magazine.

Over the last couple of days I've done a few more rows on my Carmen shawl. Where the orange marker is is where I ripped back to.

And I wound some yarn:

I wanted to use some of this for swatching on the knitting machine. I've got various designs planned for the knitting machine. First, I need to finish the sleeves for Simon's Super Merino sweater. I'd love to finish it this weekend. He could do with it as it's freezing.  i started swatching on the machine but I was struggling today. I've no idea why. In the end I gave up and started Simon's sleeve. Again, I just couldn't do it. Some days I just don't get on with the machine at all. So I gave up and did some lace knitting instead.

I spent most of the morning packing up Lace Variety Club parcels. I was desperate to get to the post office before it closed but I didn't make it. The lace club is big right now and I just didn't have enough time. So it'll go out on Monday. At least it's all packed up now and ready.

I've just done a shop update. Some brand new Bamboozle Sock which is a blend of superwash Bluefaced Leicester and Bamboo. BFL is not my favorite sheep's wool, I must admit, but I do love Bamboozle. I've got my eyes on a couple of skeins. I need some socks and I'm planning to spend my Christmas hoilday in Norway knitting socks and i'll definitely pack a skein or two of Bamboozle, unless it all sells out first.

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Here's a taster of tonight's update:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. We've got the fire roaring here as it's the coldest day of this winter so far.


Sea said...

The yarn looks yummy :)

Ann said...

The fire sounds nice & I wish we could have one here but it's getting very hot & humid.

Sarah said...

Scrummy yarns - and yes I'm with you on Anne! Hope you got some happy knitting done to Strictly I know I did. Thanks for the blogiversary congrats.