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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Norway - Last Day

Pretty miserable end to our holiday. I got really bad toothache on New Years Day. I sort of ignored it as I really didn't want to go to the dentish in Norway. It's quite expensive here so I thought I'd try to wait until I got home. It was extremely painful but I take very strong painkillers for neck/back pain anyway so just took those. Yesterday I started swelling up and got my sister (who's a doctor) to write me a prescription for antibiotics as I thought it was just an abcess and that would be the treatment my dentish would give me.

Then this morning I had the shock of my life when I got up and looked in the mirror. The whol right side of my face is very, very swollen. It's right up to my eye. My eye has never looked so puffy and the pressure was very painful. So I gave in and went to the dentist. Who it turned out I knew from my horseriding days a long time ago. Anyway, my tooth is dead and he had to drill a hole in the tooth to get some of the 'puss' out. Then put in a temporary filling and sent me off with some antibiotics. Got to see the dentish for permanent repair when I get home. I guess it'll be a root filling or crown.

Anyway at least the pain has eased a bit now.

Just finished packing. Still got a few more bits and pieces to pack but I think I can get it all in. Fingers crossed.

Before the dentish I popped into the yarn shop (it's in the same building) to cheer myself up a bit. Needed two more balls of Garnstudio Alpaca for my scarf so got that and then I talked myself into getting 4 balls of felting wool. Don't need it but fancied trying it. The yarn was much cheaper here than I thought. Also got some cool, pastel coloured Garn studio needles. I was worried about getting all my yarn in the suitcase but it all sqashed in okay.

Off to finish off my Dad's sock. Got about 6 repeats left I think (that's 6 rows in each repeat and 80 st on eachround in total) so I hsould be able to finish it tonight. Then I've got to ball up some sock yarn so I've got something to knit on the way home. Not decided on the pattern yet but think it'll be one of my brand new ones (whihc I'm keeping secret for now).


Holly Burnham said...

Anni, I just noticed the purplish bag with the pink cable....I love it. I want to see it felted, I think it'll be great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Holly. I've not finished it yet. Had hoped toget it done beforeour holiday but had to give up in the end. Will try to get it finished next week. Not felted cables before so I'm excited about how it'll turn out.