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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Norway Day 10 (I think...) New Years Eve

I'm starting to loose track of days now. We've been very busy over th elast few days and I've only got time for a short post today. Got to go and get changed into some nicer clothes in a minute as we're having a nice meal and celebrating New Years Eve tonight. Finishing with fireworks at midnight. Which is usually quite a good show in Norway as everyone sends them up.

Not done much today been a bit exhaused so had a long nap this afternoon and went for a walk with the whole family this morning.

Yesterday we went to the Science Museum in Oslo which is brill, especialy for the kids. They loved it. We spent a long time in the hands on section and on the computers there.

Then in the evening we went out fora meal with my paretns and grandparents and then back to my grandparetns for coffee and cake. Lovely evening. My grandparetns are in their mid 80s now so every time I see them is precious.

The day before Mr YA and I went to the cinema and saw 'The Holiday'. I loved the film. very romantic and feelgod with a bit of humour. Just right for this time of year.

Off to get ready for new years celebraions now.

On the knitting front I've not done much last couple of days. Still plodding on with my lace scarf and have started a pair of socks for my Dad.

Happy New Year!!!!

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