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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm getting stressed

Didn't realise I hadn't posted for so long. Been overloading on shopping for the past two days. Been trying to get the last Christmas presents I need to get plus awedding present. Got everything done now except for my Dad and the wedding present. Wedding is on Saturday so I'm starting to panick now.

Also panicking over Christmas knitting. Here's my update on progress:

Scarf for FIL - about 1/4 done - needs to be finished by Wed 20th
Scarf for MIL - just started - needs to be finished by WEd 20th
Socks for Mum - one done, one started. Needs to be done by 21st
Socks for Dad - one possibly done. Although need altering a bit I think to be big enough. need to be done by 21st.
Socks for Grandad - One done, one started.
Socks for Grandma - Did nearly finish a pair but don't like the yarn. Not started new pair but have got till 23rd to get it done.

I'd love to do socks for Simon and the girls too but no chance. Also need to finish a felted shopper in progress (half done) in Big Wool so should be quick to finish. Wanted to do another felted bag too before our holiday but no time. Got to get the Big wool one done soon though or it won't have time to dry before we go. Want to use it for my carry on luggage. Also wanted to do a scarf.

Had started lacescarves for my mum and grandma but they've been abandoned. Will have to be put away for next christmas.

So yes, I'm ready to panick. the house is a tip. I've got tons of washing and ironing. Got to start gettig stuff ready for holiday after the weekend. Off for some calming sock knittig now.


Knitbert said...

Sounds like you need some helper elves to get everything finished in time Anni!

Auntie Noo said...

Tag - you're it!!!! (Pop over to Noo's place to see what I mean!)

Hope you get everything done in time, and that you have a fabulous Christmas.

Artis-Anne said...

Yikes you are going to be busy. I guess we are all the same ; I have been busy doing Xmas knits and getting fed up of it as its under pressure; I don't do stress well !!!

Anni said...

Thank you everyone. Got no knitting done yesterday so knitting flat out today. Just taking a break to type up a sock pattern.

Anni said...

LOL. I only realised I'd been tagged Auntie Noo when I read your blog, before I read your post here .LOL. Okay better go bakc and think about what I have to do.