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Monday, December 18, 2006

Fed up with.........

........washing and folding clothes. Spent all morning loading and unloading washing machine and tumble dryer, then had tons of clothes to fold. Just put it all away. Still got a couple of more loads to do tomorrow.

.......speedknitting, trying to get my inlaws' scarves finished bytomorrow evening. Actually just fininshed MIL's scarf. Haven't got all that much to go on FIL's scarf so hoping to get that done tonight. Then I'm determined to finish my Big Wool shopper as I want to use it as carry on luggage on Thursday and it's got to be felted and dryed first too. Can't wait to be able to knit something I want to. I don't like having to knit something to a deadline.

......trying desperately to get hold of stuff that other people have asked me to buy for my kids for Christmas from them. Did that make sense? My sister asked me to buy my daugther's present here in the UK as it's cheaper than in Norway and we weren't sure whether or not it would be in English or Norwegian if we bought it in Norway. However, I've not been to Plymouth since she asked me and I'm not sure I can get it in our town. Going to try tomorrow but if I don't I'll have to go to Plymouth which I haven't really got time to do. Got Em's play at 9.30 then church service at 2.30 which I normally attend (Em's school's service). I've als ogot to start packing at some point. Wrap presents and finish some more knitting. So going to Plymouth is something I don't really want to do.

Okay, enough moaning. About to get Em to bed then off to Morrisons for a few bits and pieces and then relax with my FIL's scarf.

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