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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What a fantastic day!

I've been to a workshop today taught by Clare Crompton (author of the Knitters Bible) at Spin A Yarn. The topic was Professional Finishing Techniques. It was fantastic. Learnt so much. The most valuable techniques I learnt were short row shaping and mattress stitch. Never done mattress stitch before and I love it. I love pulling hte yarn tight and the way it 'zips' up. I'd had a go at short row shaping on my sock below (toe up sock in mini horseshoe pattern) and it looks awful. Now I know how to do it properly I'm afraid the sock will be frogged as I'll never wear it anyway that's how bad it looks. I've started the socks again tonight, knitting cuff down. Finished the cuff (mock cable rib) and just started the lace pattern.

Although the course was great I was totally exhausted and in a lot of pain by the time I got home. By lunch time the pain was really starting to get hold and I did struggle to concentrate through the afternoon. By the time we'd finished I just couldn't wait to get out of there. No offence to anyone there, but I just had to go due to the pain and tiredness. It was worth it though.

I had to drive back to Plymouth to pick my husband up and then he drove home from there. I could have easily pulled over on the way back and fallen asleep. Was nice to come home. Girls were both at friends for tea. So just got a sandwich and collapsed in front of the telly watching Neighbours. Early night today I think and then an easy day tomorrow. Think I'll be in too much pain to do anything tomorrow. Although got to go to the postoffice to collect aparcel if I can manage to walk into town.

Nite all.


Anonymous said...

The workshop sounds great and at least it was worth all the effort. I've never tried matress stitch properly either but you've tempted me to me the effort and have a go.

Debby said...

Hope you are feeling better. I need a workshop like that. Have a hard time with mattress stitch

Lyonheart said...

I must admit I think mattress stitch is a tiny piece of making up magic - love it.
Sorry that you are in so much pain - is this a long term health problem? I attend a pain clinic (referred by my orthopaedic consultant originally) and it really does help. It might be something you can look into. Good luck, take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies. Yes mattress stitch is indeed a magic making up trick. Well worth the effort trying to learn it and easy when shown by an experts. Yes Lyonheart, it's a long term disability. I've tried every treatment available (both normal and rather weird ones), pain management course and spinal surgery. Painkillers not working much either. That's why I've not posted since last week. Been in too much pain to go near a computer. Feeling a bit better tonight. Quite day tomorrow and then hopefully I'll be back to normal (which is far from painfree) again.