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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New socks for Socktoberfest

Started on a new pair of socks today. I had a very ambitious plan - to knit one whole pair of socks in a day using a toe-up pattern with my own lace design. I've never done toe up socks before and never used this lace design before either. So it was a tough order. And yes, I have failed. I've got as far as about an inch uup the cuff. Not had any problems so far but did have to read the instrucitons a couple of times to get the hang of the toe. The lace pattern which is mini horseshoe lace from the 'Knitters Bible'. It looks great. I've taken a pic of the foot part of the sock and one after I'd turned the heel. The thing that worries me is that it doesn't seem to have a gusset. So I'm worried about it being big enough for my huge feet. Looks like a strange shape compared to cuff down socks too. I'm going to finish it and try it on. Hopefully it won't need frogging. The yarn is patons Diploma Gold 4ply. Its a wool mix and can be macine washed and tumble dryed. It's not sock wool but it feels like sock wool nd knits up fine. It's the yarn I got 50% off at Derry's on Saturday. Off for a bit more knitting soon.


Purl Needlemeyer said...

Well, I did it. You have inspire me to join the world of sock knitting.
Check out my blog today. You’ll like the picture!!

Knit and stitches,

Anni said...

So pleased to hear you've gotten into sock knitting. It's an addictive thing though. Once you start you can't stop. I'll have a look at your blog.

Debby said...

Anni, found this on sockknitters forum. FYI

DianeM said...

Your sock's looking great! I advise trying it on now though to check the heel fits. there's ways of getting around short-row heels being too small if you have problems.

Anni said...

Thank you Diane, have printed off the details. Will definitely be entering. Got loads of ideas for socks. Just haven't got enough time.

Hi Diane, thank you. I tried the sock on and it fits okay. I've decided to start again though and do it cuff down this time. I'd never done short row shaping before and it looks awful. I attended a workshop today on Professional Finishing Techniques and learnt to do short row shaping and now I can do it correctly I realise just how awful my first attempt on the sock looks. Don't like doing it toe up either so I' frogging it and working cuff down instead. Have jsut finished the rib and started the lace pattern.