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Monday, July 17, 2006

Blogging again

Can't believe how long it is since I've been on Here. Not good is it?! Once excuse is I've been in Spain (have added a new pic of myself with a copy of SK and a scarf I knitted inSpain - SK is there as I'm planning to send it in to SK for their 'knitting around the world' section.

It was lovely and hot in Spain - a bit like it is here today. LOL. I kept an eye out for yarn shops everywhere we went but failed. Only yarn I could find was a tiny yarn department in the department store El Corte Ingles in Murcia. Most of what they had was boring acrylic. But did buy some wool/acrylic mix for the scarf in the pic of me in Spain. Also knitted some matching handwarmers when I got home. Also bought some of the same wool in different colour for a jumper I want to knit. Was extremely cheap. And this particular yarn was lovely to knit with.

Apart from the scarf I knitted a shawl in Noro Blossom in Spain. Did a lot of it at the airport and plane. Also did most ofthe body of a Blossom jumper I've designed myself. I'm knitting from the shoulders down. Knitted front and back of shoulders before I left home and knitted the rest of body in the round while in Spain. But when I'd cast off I realised that the bust section was nice and fitted perfectly but the rest was far too baggy. So need to frong it up to the bust. And just haven't been bothered to do that yet. Bought the yarn on Ebay and have realised I haven't got enough so not sure whether to frog it and knit the jumper again or frog it and knit something else. Any ideas???

Just before we went away I finished some more felted handbags and I've done one more since we came home. Been doing the magnetic fastening and buttons tonight. Will do photos tomorrow.

Discovered a great new yarn shop in Devon on Friday. A forum friend (angel yarn knitting forum) has opened a yarn shop in Bovey Tracey, it's nearly an hour from where I live but well worth it. She's got some lovely yarn, especially some New Zealand yarn called Touch and RAre yarns. Bought a hank of Touch mohair and have knitted a zig zag lace scarf. It's my first attempt at lace. And I love it. Probably knitted the scarf too wide and as I only had one hank it's a bit short but very thick so length not a problem. Soo lovely and soft.

Have started a shawl in the Rare Yarns I bought. The shawl is Espresso and I think it's from 'Knitters'. It's another lace pattern but more complicated. Every row seems to be different. Thought I'd knit bit to see what it looks like. Not sure if I'll complete the shawl or not yet. Constantly looking at the diagram really aggrevates my neck pain and I also have to look down at my knitting a lot too to check I'm doing correct stitches. Too much for my neck and back.

Anyway, the yarn shop is called 'Spin a yarn' and is in Bovey Tracey, Devon. BT is a lovely little town too. Never been before but recommend it. Pictuesque little town with some nice shops. There was a weaving workshop and the owner showed my girls how all the different weaving machines work. Very interesting. Also a gallery there but didn't have time to look inside. Just outside the town is 'House of Marbles' which my girls loved. It was very good. Lots to see and coffee shop and play area. And all free. Except for the gift shop of course. Lots of lovely stuff in there.

Got lots of new patterns coming too. Several bag patterns plus hand warmers and scarves. Must get them typed up tomorrow. Also doing lots of pics tomorrow so will post some photos then. Blogs with photos are so much better than those without.

Also planning to start contacting shops and galleries to ask if they would like to sell my stuff. And yarn shops (online and high street) to see if they'd like to stock my patterns. Anyone reading this who's interested in stocking my patterns or bags in their shops or buy any patterns or my bags please look on my website for details. Will be lots more coming on there over the next week.

After not having posted for ages. This will be a long post. Will get more regular at this. I promise. Off for some knitting now before bedtime. Good night!

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