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Monday, June 26, 2006

More felting
Finished two more bags today. Both ne w designs that I've made over the weekend. One I started on Sunday and finished it this morning. It's a mitret stripes tote knitted in Kureyon. Chose a gorgeous colour with red, pink, purple and lots of other colours. Look fab. Keeping that one for myself.
Also finished a smaller bag knitted in black Cascade 220 and Firefly. Not had much success with novelty yarns before but this one looks good. Felted great too. Both bags are drying now so will post a picture tomorrow.
Only thing with Kureyon is that it does go a bit fuzzy when felted. Got a defuzzer from Betterware and it 's fab.
Have tried to do some more work on my sock tonight but it's not good for my neck and I'm in enough pain as it is at the moment. So only did a few rows. The carried on with my jumper design in Noro Blossom. Will be interesting to see how it turns out as I'm making it up as Igo along. Got a pic in my head of how I want it to look. Don't even know if I have enough wool.
Also got a great idea for a shawl in some other Blossom I've got. Want to start that one too now. Too many projects and not enough time. Really need to get cracking on socks and handwarmers, scarves, hats and shawls etc for the craft stall at our church's Bible Week in August. It's a week long residential/camping Christian week and the stall will be open around lunctime and every evening. Want to do some other stuff than just bags to sell.
Want to try to get my stuff sold in galleries and shops too. Off on holiday soon so got excuse to put off approaching shops/galleries until we get back. Not looking forward to it. But may be a good way of selling my stuff without making all the effort myself.
Been looking at Hipknits tonight. It's gorgeous. Tempted to get some of their sock yarn. Think it would make great handwarmers as well as socks. But better wait. Think I ordered some Lorna's Laces from the US which is due to arrive any day now.
Off to type up two patterns now. They're for the bags I finished earlier. Will be available for purchase on my website,, soon.

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