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Friday, June 09, 2006

Went to Royal Cornwall Shop yesterday. It was a hot and sunny day and a great day out. Bought a beautiful lilac glass necklace. Wish I'd bought some more jewellery as it was so beatiful. The Craft tenst were fab. Wonder how much it would cost to have a stall there. Maybe I'll look into it for my knitting for next year. Was thinking of trying to get a stall at our local in July but it's the day after we get back from holiday so I think now. May look into whether or not they have any knitting classes though to show my knitting off.

Still beautiful and hot and sunny down here. Got a bit sunburnt on my shoulders yesterday though so got to be careful today. Used high SPF but obvously not careful enough.

Also saw some beautiful Alpacas yesterday and was very tempted by some alpaca wool. ONe shop had some great colours but no cheaper than shops and the other stall I found was quite expensive. So I came back with no wool. But I've been browsing Ebay this morning for some Noro Kureyon. If anyone can recommend some Ebay sellers than sell Kureyon please let me know. Also thinking of knitting a sweater in Noro Blossom. Saw this in a wool shop in Exeter last week and it looked beautiful. Just got to find a pattern first. Although I've just ordered two Sweater Design books from Amazon so maybe I can design my own. I know exactly what I'd love to do. But Blossom is a bit expensive for experimenting so got to get the design right first.

Also tempted to enter Knitter Tea pot cosy competition. But will keep my ideas under wraps for now.

Also working on a brand new website design and maybe changing the name of my site. getting close to getting my patterns typed up. Done most of them now and I'm planning to get some photos done today. And get the patterns finished and ready for sale. Also thinking of writing to some online knitting retailers and knitting mags to see if they will stock/publish my patterns. Fingers crossed.

Didn't do much knitting yesterday just a bit in the evenig, so can't wait to get going with it this morning. Shattered from yesterday and in agony with my neck and back so may not get much knitting done today. Going for a massage later this morning though so hopefully that should ease the pain.

Enjoy your knitting.

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