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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Great day in Exeter

Got up very early this morning to get kids up and get ready to leave at 6.45am. Dropped girls off at inlaws and went to Exeter with hubby as he had an exam today. Dropped him off at uni and went on into town. Got there before the shops opened. Spent a lovely couple of hours browsing the shops, finishing at Inspirations, Exeters yarn store. Got some Kureyon (shade 153) and some knitting needles. Walked over to Cathedral Green stopping off at Thorntons to buy an icecream. Found a bench outside cathedral and spent a lovely half an hour knitting in the sunshine. It was perfect. Lots people around too. A few peoople stopped to comment on how lovely it was to see someone knitting. One of them was the very elderly lady sitting next to me on the bench. Then when hubby finished his exam and had walked in to town to find me, we went off to Wetherspoons and sat outside in the shade and had a lovely lunch.

We wanted to make aday off it, so went on down to the quayside (Haven Banks) and had a lovely, long walk along the canal. Lots of people strolling, riding bikes and kayakking. Hubby had a look at kayaks too as he's hoping to buy one soon. I enjoyed the walk but was relieved to get back to the car as my feet were killing me. Had several spots were my sandals were rubbing me and one very painful blister. Shame really as it stopped me enjoying the walk as much as I would have done. Also, after all the walking around shops I was in a lot of pain with my neck and back and walking was painful.

Absolutely shattered when we got home. Picked girls up at inlaws on the way home and spent an hour or so sitting in the sun in their garden and eating a lovely cake. Now I'm shattered and off to knit for half an hour before going to bed. Nearly half way through the Kureyon bag that I started before lunch in Exeter.

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