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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Aventuras - Choose Your Own Adventure Sock Pattern & Online Course

I'm really excited to announce a project I've been working on for a while now. For the last few years I've been obsessed with knitting socks with an afterthought heel and I've decided to share it with you.

Aventuras (Spanish for adventure) is a choose your own adventure sock pattern. Choose from 16 different combinations: toe up, cuff down, two different toes, two different afterthought heels and two stitch patterns.

 I love knitting socks with an afterthought heel mainly because it doesn't disrupt the stripe pattern if you're using self-striping sock yarn (which I use a lot!) but it's also good if you're using any other type of sock yarn. Whether you're knitting from the cuff down or toe up, an afterthought heel doesn't disrupt the flow of your sock knitting. You knit in a waste yarn, then carry on knitting. Once you've finished the sock, you go back and undo the waste yarn and knit your chosen heel. 

The waste yarn for the afterthought heel has been undone.

In this pattern I'm giving two options for heels and toes. Both options are rarely used in socks, the wedge toe and heel. I think the wedge heel/toe the way I shape it, may be my invention as I've never seen it anywhere else. The other option is a swirly toe and heel which I love the look of.

Get 30% off the Aventuras pattern until midnight UK 15 July 2019.Use coupon code: AVENTURAS30.
Whether you're brand new to socks or you're just new to the techniques used in this pattern, I've created an online course for the Aventuras sock pattern. In the online course I share videos on how to cast on using the disappearing loop cast on for the swirly toe, Turkish cast on for the toe up wedge toe, how to insert the waste yarn for the heel and how to undo it, how to knit the swirly toe and wedge toe both toe up and cuff down, how to knit the afterthought swirly and wedge heels, how to graft stitches using Kitchener stitch and how to knit two different stitch patterns.

The Aventuras Online Course is available at a reduced price of US $20 (approx UK £16 depending on exact exchange rate at time of purchase) until 15 July 2019. From 16 July 2019 the price will be US £25 (approx UK £20).
You can watch the lessons at your own pace and you keep indefinite access to the course. The Aventuras pattern is included in the course.

Here's a video introducing the Aventuras sock pattern& online course:

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