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Saturday, August 12, 2017

A week of knitting & other things

We've had a week's holiday and it seems I completely forgot about blogging. We stayed at home but went to a festival called Creationfest every day. It's about 30-40 minutes drive from where we live. 

 Creationfest is annual Christian festival with fantastic music, kids and youth activities including a skate park, talks, seminars and worship for the adults as well as a several bands playing every evening. We mainly went in the morning for the main worship/teaching session and stayed on for afternoon seminars on a couple of days. The picture below was taken yesterday at a Divine chocolate tasting workshop which we really enjoyed.

I knitted during most of the talks and seminars so got quite a bit done. I cast on this new project last weekend and only worked on it while we were at Creationfest.

One day we went to nearby Eden Project in the afternoon. We rarely go in the middle of the summer so it was interesting to see how it looks this time of year. The big biome in the back of the picture below is the tropical biome which is like a tropical rainforest and is extremely hot and humid. It was well 35-40 degrees celcius at the top of the biome.

My favourite is the temperate biome which is based on the Mediterranean and South Africa climates. Loved this colourful display.

Outside there is various British plants and art installations. If you've never been to the Eden Project and find yourself in Cornwall then I highly recommend it.

One evening we went to Sterts which is a local outdoor theatre. It does have a roof but you still feel like you're outside. In fact it was colder inside than it was outside. I took the picture below while we were waiting outside the theatre.  In addition to a big wool blanket, I brought my Amelie shawl to keep me warm. We saw My Fair Lady which I've never seen before. A friend of ours was in the play  and we really enjoyed it.

In the evenings this week, I've mainly been knitting on my pink blob. It's getting really big and it looks like a big blob. I'm very close to finishing and I need to finish it this weekend as I need to start on a new deadline on Monday.

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