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Friday, May 05, 2017

Yarn Shop Day

Tomorrow, Saturday 6 May, is Yarn Shop Day which is an annual day organised by Let's Knit Magazine. Local yarn shops are being encouraged to put on special events and knitters are encouraged to visit their local yarn shops.

In the last few months I've hard of two yarn shops closing which is very sad. I know internet shopping is here to stay but we still need local shops. Nothing can beat actually seeing and being able to touch the yarn you want to knit with. Many yarn shops have knitting groups and workshops and as knitting is usually a solitary activity it is great to be able to spend time with other knitters sharing our passion.

My workshop at Truro Wool in Cornwall last Sunday.

In 2014, for the first Yarn Shop Day, I wrote about how important having a local yarn shop is and how Spin A Yarn opening started my teaching career. You can read it here.  

Unfortunately I can't be involved in this year's Yarn Shop Day due to personal commitments but I still support Yarn Shop Day 100%. Yarn shops are essential to the continued revival of knitting in this country. Online shops and communities such as Ravelry are a fabulous way of meeting knitters but nothing beats joining a knitting group in your local yarn shop, seeing and touching yarns you want to knit with, getting advice and help form your yarn shop staff. 

A workshop a Spin A Yarn in Devon

If you don't have any plans tomorrow why don't you check out your nearest yarn shop? Of if you're busy this weekend, pop in next week to see what they offer. 

I'm lucky to spend a lot of time in yarn shops these days and since I started teaching workshops several more yarn shops have opened up within an hour's drive from me but one closed earlier this year which was very sad. Yarn shops need our support if we want them to be there for workshops, help and advice. Please consider supporting your local yarn shop this month!

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