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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

On The Needles

Things are crazy busy right now. I'm teaching a LOT this month and I'm desperately trying to finish my second book. And I've got a bunch of magazine deadlines coming up. Next week, I'll be teaching Shetland Lace Knitting at The Wool Merchant in Devon (there are still spaces - contact The Wool Merchant for full details and to book) and on Wednesday I leave for Jersey where I'll also be teaching three days of four half day classes but I'm also having a few days off and Simon is coming too. We had a fabulous time in Jersey three years ago so I've got high hopes for this trip. If you're interested in my Jersey workshops, you can find the details here.

There's been lots of knitting going on. I've finished a new design which will be published in a magazine in a few months' time. I've really enjoyed this project as the yarn, which was new to me - Navia Bummull which I plan to use for more projects in the future - was gorgeous.

Once I finished the Navia top, I got back to working on my Lang Mille Colori shawl. I really want to finish this shawl this weekend so I've got time to cast on for a new design or two before I leave for Jersey. 

I'm going to miss this colourful shawl though. It's been a fun knit and a new shape for me. This year I'd like to experiment more with shawl shapes. It's easy to get stuck in a rut and keep doing the same thing. For Jersey I need an easy project which I can knit on the go. I've got a project I'm launching in July/August which I need to get started on so I'm thinking about making that my travel project. This secret project actually involves two designs - one easy and one more complicated - and I think I'll take the easy one to Jersey with me. My mind is exploding with ideas right now.

I'm planning to release a new pattern either on Friday or Monday. It will come with a Mini Tip Tutorial which will come out on Monday but I may release the pattern a few days early on Friday. I'll see how much I get done tomorrow. I've got another project ready to be released too but I think I'll wait till I get back from Jersey. Once a pattern is ready for release, I struggle to wait but I want to space out my pattern releases this year and plan ahead a bit more.

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