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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sunny Weekend


Last weekend I was in Newbury teaching two workshops at Purlescence but I also had time to explore Newbury. I arrived mid-afternoon on Friday and after dropping my luggage at the hotel, I had a look around the shops then headed to the canal for a walk. I spent an hour strolling along the canal, taking photos and sitting on a bench knitting.

It was sunny and warm, almost summer temperatures and there were lots of people around. I sat by a lock for a few minutes knitting watching a canal boat go through.

I found a comfortable bench and sat there knitting for a while before heading back into town for dinner.

In addition to the canal, Newbury has a lovely church. I took a couple of pictures on the way to dinner but didn't have time to go inside.

Saturday was hot and sunny and I had a great day teaching, but as soon as I got back to the hotel I went out and headed down to the canal area after stopping at a couple of shops for some snacks.

I took more pictures on Saturday. I was trying out some new lenses I got for my phone. I'm really happy with the photos I took. I didn't walk very far on Saturday as my back was bad after teaching and walking makes it worse. I found a bench right by the canal (with the foot path behind me), plugged my headphones in and got my knitting out. I thought I'd spend about half an hour there but I ended up spending nearly an hour knitting. I could have sat there for longer but I was getting hungry so went off in search of dinner.

It wasn't just the canal I enjoyed in Newbury. I spent two days teaching at Purlescence and had another great weekend there. The ladies who came were lovely. There were knitters who had never been on my workshops before and returning knitters.

Holly, who I'd been chatting to on Instagram, wrote about her experience on Saturday's Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl workshop here.

Holly said: 'It was a really enjoyable workshop – Anniken is a great teacher and takes things in small logical steps so you can understand and slowly master the techniques. If you’d like to brush up on some knitting skills, I’d thoroughly recommend trying one of her workshops'.

Cairney who came to both workshops said: 'A brief email to thank you both for a really inspirational weekend of knitting. It is such a rare luxury to give myself time to knit throughout the days - and on two consecutive ones at that! - whilst learning new skills and techniques. Thank you. I look forward to exploring more workshops with you and uncovering more “unknown to me” knitting secrets!

I'll be back at Purlescence in the autumn for two more workshops. Details to follow.

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