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Monday, April 11, 2016

Socks & Shawls

We had a fairly quiet weekend planned but it didn't quite turn out that way. I got a lot of knitting done though. I cast on for a new deadline shawl last week and made some good progress over the weekend. I'm loving the yarn and the pattern. It's a shape I've not done for a while and it's fun! I'm keeping the details secret though but you'll see this shawl in a UK magazine in a few months time.

On Sunday, Vanessa was due to go back to Cardiff. Her plan was to catch the train from Liskeard (where we live). But we had rather stormy weather here and the trains were either cancelled or very delayed. It looked like the best option was to drive Vanessa to Exeter which is about an hour's drive. We all went along for the drive and dropped Vanessa off at Exeter St David's station and immediately headed home. We hadn't even gotten out of the city before Vanessa called and said that her train was cancelled and while we were discussing what to do, the next  train got cancelled too. So we decided to drive her to Bristol which was another 1.5 hrs.

Luckily I brought my knitting as Simon did most of the driving. I cast on for a pair of Mudpunch socks a few weeks ago and had decided on a top down 3x3 dropped stitch rib pattern. But every time I knitted on the sock I had reservations, even though I'd nearly finished the leg. And in the car yesterday I decided to rip out and start again. I cast on for a toe up sock in plain stocking stitch which I haven't done for ages. I'm using my Creme Caramel pattern but I'll be working a different heel.

I've been working on a big shawl knitted in two skeins of Wollmeise for a few weeks ago. One skein I bought several years ago and the second skein I bought on my trip to London in January. I love how the shawl turned out. It's big and first thing this morning I cast off 607 stitches, which took me approximately 45 minutes. During my mid-morning break I blocked it and its' gorgeous! It may be a while before the pattern is published though - possibly not until June.

I've had a few parcel deliveries over the last few days too. Two more skeins of Mudpunch sock yarn arrived on Saturday. I think I've got a thing for green.

At Unravel in February I bought a Woollenflower pouch but I struggled to decide between two pouches and although, I loved the pouch I bought, I couldn't get the other one out of my head. So I contacted Jules and luckily she still had it. It arrived on Saturday and my Mudpunch socks moved straight in.

Fairly recently I discovered a new to me indie dyer called The Yarn Therapist. I kept looking in her shop and after a few peeks, I ordered two big skeins of MCN (merino/cashmere/nylon). The neon/grey skein has 800m/200g and the other 600m/150g. They're both sock yarns and will probably become shawls. I've got some ideas for the neon/grey yarn which I'm keen to cast on for soon but I've got to finish my current deadline project first.

What was on your needles this weekend? Tell me in the comments.

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