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Saturday, March 05, 2016

New Beginnings!

My knitting has been rather intense lately. I had two designs that had a rather short deadline. If I've got several designs due around the same time, I usually ask my sample knitters for help but if I've got a very short deadline, I tend to knit the sample myself. I said yes to one urgent deadline then a few days later, I said yes to a second urgent deadline and then realised they were due a few days apart. 

Below is the first of my urgent deadline projects and a design that one of my wonderful sample knitters knitted. These were posted off to two different magazines earlier this week.

I immediately got on with my other urgent deadline which I'd started and was halfway through. I quickly finished it and I'm posting it today.

The Wollmeise skein I bought in London last month (read about my trip here) was matched with a Wollmeise skein already in my stash. Last Sunday I decided to wind them into cakes. At that point I still had both deadline projects to finish and didn't have time to be distracted by pretty yarn. But I was good and the yarn sat on my desk looking pretty until I finished the second deadline project.

As soon as the second project was off my needles, I cast on for a new design on Wednesday evening. I've got a bit further than this but haven't taken another photo. I'm loving this design so far. But I'm also feeling slightly guilty that I didn't get back to any of the three projects I abandoned to work on the two deadline projects - socks for Emily that are nearly done, socks for Simon that are half done and a new stole design that's about 1/3 done.

Then on Wednesday I had an e-mail offering me another fairly urgent commission which I said yes to and the yarn arrived yesterday afternoon. The yarn is beautiful - Malabrigo! I was considering sending this design to one of my sample knitters but the yarn is so luscious that I really want to knit this myself. I've decided to wait until Monday to cast on. So I've got the weekend to finish Emily's socks, make some more progress on Simon's socks and the Wollmeise shawl.

What's on your needles this weekend? Share in the comments.

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