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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Lace Wear Volume 1 - Lavinia

I'm so excited to introduce the second design in the Lace Wear Volume 1 Collection. La Manga was the first design and you can read more about La Manga here. This is the photo shoot where I got Emily to make use of all her years of ballet lessons by making lots of ballesque poses. 

Lavinia takes just 3 skeins of Lotus Forest Dew and one pack of size 8 seed beads. You can also use Lotus Cashmere Fingering and Silky Cashmere. These three yarns are all 2ply lace weight. If you want to substitute, look for a yarn that has approximately 365-400m per 50g. I have a selection of all three yarns in the YarnAddict Web Shop and don't forget I have a free shipping offer which runs until 15 March 2016. 

Depending on where you live, use the following free shipping codes:
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These free shipping codes are valid until 15 March 2016.

In some photos Lavinia looks like a shawl but it's a sweater. I've taken a hexagon shawl shape and added two seams and a neck opening and voila, it's a batwing sweater. Leave the seams out and it'll be a poncho.

Lavinia is light, airy, delicate and elegant! The pattern comes in one size  which fits a variety of sizes but it's easy to make it larger or smaller and the pattern tells you how. Emily is approx 5'9"/176cm and slim (UK size 12). I'm 5'10"/178cm and a plus size (UK size 20) and Lavinia fits beautifully on me although it's shorter than on Emily.

Lavinia is part of the Lace Wear Volume 1 collection which is currently £7 (plus your local VAT if you live in the EU). Each time a pattern is published the price for the hole collection goes up by £2. The patterns will be published during spring and summer 2016 and the final collection will be £15. If you purchase the collection now, you'll get La Manga and Lavinia to download immediately and each time a new pattern is published you'll automatically receive it.

Lavinia is also available as a single pattern and it's 25% off until 15 March 2016. No coupon code needed.

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Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I love, love, love your patterns!!!