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Monday, November 09, 2015

Weekend of Knitting

This weekend was mainly about knitting. I arrived back from Norway on Thursday evening and on Friday I was teaching at Social Fabric which is about an hours drive away. I had a small but great class. Needless to say, after a day of travelling (I left my parents house at 9.30am and arrived home in Cornwall at 8pm) and a day of teaching I was completely exhausted and in a lot of pain on Saturday. I'd already planned a quiet weekend and I stuck to my plans.

My first job was to finish off a deadline shawl which I'd hoped to finish on holiday but I had a few rows of the final pattern repeat plus the 10 row edging left to knit (and I had about 350 stitches at the end so they were long rows). I finished the shawl mid-afternoon on Saturday.

I cast no for a pair of fingerless mitts in Regia sock yarn before I left for Norway. This was my insurance knitting project I could work on if I finished my two deadline projects while I was away. I'd cast on and knitted about 6 rounds of rib before I left. Late Saturday afternoon I picked this project up and worked on it all evening and by bedtime I had finished the first mitt.

Yesterday I worked on the second mitt and by the evening they were done. I designed these to go with my new winter coat. I love wearing fingerless mitts in the winter. They keep my hands warm but I can still do things like get money out of my purse, drive (the fingerless nature means I can grip the steering wheel) etc.

I need a new shawl to go with my coat too so I cast on with this gorgeous Countess Ablaze Tia Merino in a colour that matches my coat. I'm using the same lace pattern as I used in the mitts and I will be adding a ball of the Regia sock yarn to this shawl. I made great progress on this yesterday evening. The pattern will be published in due course, hopefully in December but it may be January. I'm trying to make as much progress on this as I can before I get my next deadline knit on the needles later this week. I also have a lot of swatching to do this week. Fortunately this is easy enough to knit on while I'm out and about and watching TV.

I also did a few more rounds on my Regia Arne and Carlos sock in church yesterday. 
The green marker shows my progress.

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