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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fine Finishing

Last week I sent out my weekly YarnAddict Newsletter with my top finishing tips. Just in case you're not subscribed to my newsletter, I thought I'd share them here today. Not subscribed to my newsletter? Sign up today. I only send it out once a week and I won't share your info with anyone. You can unsubscribe at any time. This week's newsletter, which will be sent out on Thursday will have a subscriber only offer.

1. Think about how you will seam the sweater and other finishing details BEFORE you start knitting. Where you shape can make seaming easier. I always work increases and decreases two stitches in from the edge which leaves a clear channel between the first and second stitch (at the beginning and end of the row) for mattress stitch.

Mattress stitch creates a very neat, even seam and is so easy to do 
when following my step by step how to photo tutorial

2. Do not weave in loose ends until AFTER you've done everything else. Make sure you seam any seams that will need doing, knit any collars, button bands, edgings etc before you weave in loose ends. Any ends that will interfere with seams and picking up stitches are best left till the end.

3. Block/press all sweater pieces before you start seaming them. It'll make fitting the different pieces together much easier.

4. Avoid 'stair step' shoulder shaping and shoulder seams and learn how to work short row shoulder shaping and the three needle cast/bind off. Working short rows to shape the shoulders create a smoother, more even curve and makes seaming the shoulders much easier. Or avoid shoulder seams all together and work a three needle cast/bind off.

German short row shoulders joined using a three needle cast off. 
All taught in this course.

5. Take my Online Finishing School For Hand-Knitters course. 
Enrol by end of November 2015 and pay only $25 (approx £16). On 1 December the price will increase to US $30 (approx £20 depending on exchange rate at time of enrolment).

Learn to pick up stitches for neat button bands and collars.

In my Online Finishing School For Hand-Knitters you will learn
  • shaping tricks which make sewing up quicker and easier
  • how to work short row shoulders (wrap & turn short rows and German short rows) 
  • three needle cast/bind off
  • how to sew up your garment using mattress stitch
  • how to set in sleeve caps
  • how to block and press your garment and weave in ends
  • how to pick up for neck and button bands
  • one row button hole
Diana from Devon came to a in-store Pro Finishing Class and said: Anniken's Finishing Course was brilliant!  Having been a knitter for over 60 years, I wondered if this old dog had any learn new tricks to learn.  Well,  I learnt many new techniques and most importantly how to finish and sew together like a pro.  Sewing totally invisible  seams (even when done in a contrasting colour) was amazing and so easy! Thanks Anniken for imparting so much knowledge on so many aspects of knitting.

Helen J has taken my Online Finishing School for Hand-Knitters and says"Anniken's easy to follow instructions means i can confidently say my finished garments look great. One very happy knitter!"

Enrol by end of November 2015 and pay only $25 (approx £16). On 1 December the price will increase to US $30 (approx £20 depending on exchange rate at time of enrolment).

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