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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Post Card From Norway 1

Things got really hectic last week. I had deadline work, January deadlines to write up patterns for, yarn for January deadlines not arriving which meant we had to change projects around and that meant new patterns to write up! 

But on Thursday we finally left Cornwall and on Friday we flew to Norway. Its my first visit home in 2 years.

Yesterday we headed in to Oslo to visit one of our favourite places - Vigelands Parken.

It was quite foggy and looked like a real winter wonderland. The statues made by Vigeland are one of Oslo's biggest tourist attractions. 

The statue below is called 'Sinnataggen' and is apparently an angry British boy. Its my favourite.

Yes all the statues are naked people. Something which our kids used to be horrified by when they were younger.

Afterwards we headed to the woods and hills north of Oslo and out of the fog. The Holmenkollen ski jump was in the process of being re-built last time we were here. 

The ski jump gift shop had a great selection of Dale of Norway sweaters. These were machine knitted and not cheap!

The ski jump is huge. We didn't go up to the top of the jump tower this time but I've been to the top of the old hill. Its a long way down.

On the drive home we noticed what looked like an oil slick in the sky. We got really excited thinking it might be the Northern Lights but when we got home, Emily found out its called Cloud Iridescence and its even more rare than the Northern Lights.

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