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Monday, December 15, 2014

Planning My Christmas Knitting

I'm not talking about knitting Christmas presents here. I'm only knitting three Christmas presents. One is a pair of rainbow socks which I've got to finish tonight as it's for a friend I'm meeting tomorrow. I've got 2/3 of the second foot left to do and the afterthought heel. I'm also knitting Rico reflective hats for my nephews in Norway.

I've got an early January deadline which I'd hoped to finish before we leave for Norway but I'm a bit behind and I may not be able to finish it before we go. As it's due a couple of days after we get back from Norway, I may have to take it with me to finish in Norway.

I usually get a lot of knitting done in Norway. I'm not taking any other deadline knitting apart from a club project I need to finish and which I'm not sharing as it's top secret - there's still time to join the clubs by the way. Next year I'm running the Easy Lace Club and Beads & Lace Club. They will run alternate months so if you fancy a monthly yarny treat, you can join both (and you get a discount if you do). Details are here.

I bought this Wollmeisse about 2-3 years ago on a trip to London. I did cast on something and ripped it out at some point. I'm thinking about doing a crescent shawl with this one. I've got 600m which will make it a decent size shawl. I am thinking of adding a second colour. I've got another skein of Wollmeisse somewhere which I think will match but it means going through my sock yarn stash, which is huge, to find it. This shawl will be an easy lace shawl but I haven't charted (or decided) on the lace pattern yet. 

I bought some Caterpillargreen shawl yarn recently. It's self-striping but in a very clever way. It's designed for top down triangular shawls with a centre spine. The stripes stay the same width all the way through the shawl which is very clever as the rows increase by 4 sts every other row. I'm not that keen on knitting a triangular shaw though so I'm wondering if it'll mess up the stripes if I do a centre insertion of some sort. Again, I don't want to knit a completely plain shawl but I want to include some easy lace but I haven't decided on what yet. Here's an example here of how it knits up. I'm thinking this may be my one of the projects I'll take in my hand-luggage.

Emily wants a pair of Fab Funky Fibre rainbow socks (Vanessa wants a pair too but that'll have to wait till after Christmas, I'm getting a little bit tired of rainbow socks now and it's too late to get more yarn).

We're going to the cinema tomorrow night to see Paddington and I normally take a pair of ribbed socks to work on. I may cast on for Emily's rainbow socks or I may cast on for a pair of Fab Funky Fibres socks for me. The skein below is one of two 50gr skeins of a green yarn which is separated by rainbow stripes. Whichever pair I decide to cast on for, this will also be my travelling project when we fly to Norway on Friday.

I want to design another pair of Selbu inspired mittens using Cerise and Light Grey Navia Duo. They go so well together. Very girly and I already have an idea but i haven't tried to chart it yet. Don't forget to check out the Vaffel Votter mittens and Silver Birch hand-warmers kits in the shop.

Earlier this autumn a beautiful skein of ombre yarn arrived. It's Freia Handpaints and I love the colours. It would become a shawl of some sort but not decided on what yet which means it may not come with me.

So do you think that's enough knitting for 2 weeks? There is a yarn shop 5 mins from where my parents live (or at least here was 2 years ago) so I can buy emergency sock yarn if I run out of knitting.

What are you knitting over the holidays? 

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