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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Making Me Happy!

You've no idea how happy I am to be on Spain right now! I always enjoy holidays! This year has been very busy but the last month has been crazy! The burglary, the attempted burglary, dealing with insurance company (which will continue when we get home unfortunately), all the extra diy stuff Simon had to do to make house more secure.

The journey here didn't go too smoothly either. We dropped Em off on the way to airport. She's on a scout trip in the Czech Rep. The meeting point was just plain stupid. The entrance to a huge, very busy industrial estate just off A30 in North Cornwall. There were lots of cars, parents trying to park in the road, scouts and parents organising luggage etc, a big coach and it was raining. Simon had to move the car and as he was reversing a lady pulled up alongside him to overtake and they crashed. No idea whose fault it was. So now we've got to deal with that when we get home!

Flight was delayed by nearly an hour because of passenger who'd allowed cabin crew to put her trolley case in the hold when she boarded. She needed to wear a compression stocking on her arm and it was in the trolley case. We had pulled back from gate when she told the cabin crew. So we had to wait for a new space to park up, get her suitcase out etc. Plane was full with lots of young kids and babies. It was a late flight and the heavens opened as we started boarding so everyone was wet and grumpy by this point!

We finally arrived at the flat after 1am on Friday morning. So far we've done very little. A few trips to the pool.

A couple of hours on the beach yesterday. The waves were huge. Much rougher than it looks.

Los of knitting on the balcony. I'm making excellent progress on my cashmere shawl.

And I've started making Owen the monkey for my newphew. This is 1/2 leg.

Off to the beach for the evening! 

1 comment:

Mairead said...

Oh no your journey to Spain sounds terrible. I hope you have a relaxing break with no more mishaps!