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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Knitting in the sun!

The great thing about social media, especially Facebook and Instagram (I'm YarnAddictAnni on there), is that you can bore people with your holiday snaps while you are still on holiday! I've been busy uploading daily beach pics and sock knitting progress pics to Instagram.

We're really enjoying our holiday and we're into the second half now. We've spent most days on the beach. This morning we headed to a local beach, Cala Capitan, 5 mins drive away. It was packed when we left at 1pm.

One of our favourite beaches are Callblanque which is in a nature reserve near La Manga. Its nearly an hours drive but worth it. When we first discovered it, it was a quiet beach but its becoming more popular and busier each time we visit. Park officials now charge 4E for entry (the beach we were on had life guards so the payment is worth it) and we discovered they only let a set number of cars in. When we left they weren't letting any cars on the road down to the beach. There are several beaches in this park. They have gorgeous soft, golden sand and crystal clear water. The pic below was taken when we arrived at 9.30am, it got busier but nowhere near as packed as the rest of the local beaches are in the middle of the day.

I'm getting a fair bit of knitting done. I'm working on 2 new shawl designs. One is in Lotus Cashmere and is half done.

The other one is Lotus Forest Dew and I'm probably about 1/4 into it. I'm currently working just stocking stitch but will start some lace patterning soon .

On the beach I'm adding a few rounds on my rainbow socks every day. This was Thursday's progress. Yesterday I got within 8 rounds of finishing the leg. I get some funny looks knitting on the beach and one day 2 Spanish ladies stopped to admire my knitting. I only know a few words of Spanish so had no idea what they really thought of my sock but they seemed friendly.

I'm making slow progress on Owen the monkey. Only 2.5 legs done.

Yesterday evening we visited my favourite city here, Murcia. I always buy a new handbag every time we visit and yesterday was no exception. Not had time to take a pic yet. We also always eat ice cream at Sirvent. Very delicious.

This morning we are up early to get to the local market before it gets too hot! Then we'll spend the rest of the morning at the pool and head to a beach late afternoon for the evening.

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