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Friday, August 08, 2014

It's all rainbows

I sent out a newsletter this morning with news about classes this autumn. I'm teaching at several venues. My classes will all be listed here. I'm still working on adding them all. 

I'm teaching two online classes in September. I'm running both my online Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl and the online Professional Finishing Techniques classes. They've both got early sign up discounts. You can find details of both classes and book here.

Helen J said this morning via Twitter (about the Finishing Class): 'Anniken's easy to follow instructions means i can confidently say my finished garments look great. One very happy knitter!'

We enjoyed our 3 days at Creationfest this week. The teaching and worship was great and last night we went back for their evening concert. I got lots of knitting done this week and the Madeline Tosh shawl I cast on for on Monday was finished yesterday. It's now blocking. I love how it turned out. 

We've got a holiday coming up soon and I'd like to try to finish up a few wips before we go so I can cast on for some new projects on holiday. I've got a few things planned already. Yesterday, after I finished the Madeline Tosh shawl, I picked up my Austerman rainbow socks. I finished the leg, did the heel flap, and started the gusset last night while we were at the evening concert at Creationfest.

Talking about rainbows. I love the loom band bracelets 'everyone' is wearing these days. I've been nagging my girls to make me one but they both insisted they were too old for this craze. So I bought a bag of bands and begged Vanessa to make me one. She babysat a little girl recently and learnt how to make a basic bracelet and made me one a couple of days ago.

Apparently I'm not the only creative one in the family. I'm making good progress on my Mum's quilts. I got the fabric to finish off the first quilt top yesterday and tonight and this weekend i'll be working hard on finishing both quilt tops. I've got a week to finish them. Not sure I'll do it but I'll try!

What are you doing this weekend?

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